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Year EYFS Off Site Learning

We suggest that each week your child tries to complete: 

  • Daily Maths activities for approximately 20 minutes per day  

  • Daily Phonics practise for approximately 20 minutes per day - you could watch some of the phonics videos on  

  • Daily Reading for approximately 15 minutes per day where your child reads to you 

  • Read to your child daily sharing and discussing stories from your bookshelf  

  • A weekly writing activity for approximately 20 minutes 

  • Handwriting practice for approximately 15 minutes over the week 

  • A range of suggested activities based on our topic – Down on the Farm  

  • Lots of physical activity including both fine and gross motor skills 

If you and your child work best by having a routine, you may wish to make a daily schedule (a bit like the daily timetable we use at school) so that your child becomes settled into a home learning routine. Please ask your child’s teacher if you would like any help with this.  

We would love to see any work your child completes! Please upload photos, videos and comments to your child’s tapestry account (if you can’t access this, please email

We also hope, most of all, that you and your family find time to smile, play, laugh and chat with each other! Although this is a far from an ideal situation, family time is invaluable! 

Please email your child’s class teacher if you have any questions during school closure. We will try our best to respond to your messages where possible. 

Best Wishes 

The Foundation Stage Team 😊