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Year 5 and 6


Exciting things the children will be learning in the Spring term:

Next term we will be introducing our new topic of the Mayans, with a focus of farming running through all our learning. In geography, we will be focussing on North and South America, concentrating on their environmental regions, countries and major cities. While in history, we will be learning all about the fascinating Mayan civilisation and placing it in the historical timeline that the pupils have gradually built up through their studies so far at school. In art, we will compliment our historical learning by making Mayan-inspired clay figures. While in DT, we will be focussing on frame structures and how to strengthen and reinforce things that we build. IN PSHE, we will learn about diversities and communities, as well as financial capability. In RE, we will focus on these key questions during the run up to Easter: What would Jesus do? and What difference does the resurrection make to Christians? In computing, we will be studying 3D modelling and concept maps. Finally, in English, we will be learning about a variety of text types: traditional American tales, journalistic writing (reporting on rainforest deforestation), poetry (John Agard) and explanation texts (how chocolate is made).