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Year 4

Exciting things the children will be learning in the Spring Term…

Our topic this term will be ‘The Vikings’.  

We are very excited about our new History topic, where we will be learning about who the Vikings were and where they came from, finding out about where they settled and what their settlements looked like, learning about why the longship was such a successful mode of transport as well as asking the question of if the Vikings were all the fearsome warriors that history suggests.  Our work in Geography will link into this topic, as we will be learning about the countries that make up Scandinavia, as well as the learning more about the landscape of Northern England.  In DT, we will be applying what we have learned about Viking longships to build our own ships out of card, using levers to create moving oars. 

In Science we will be first learning all about the human digestive system, including making a working ‘model’ of the digestive process. In the second half of the term, we will be learning all about how to classify animals, as well as how the habitats in which they live are changing. In RE, we will be answering two key questions: ‘Why do people make pilgrimages?’ and ‘Why do Christians call the day that Jesus died Good Friday?’ In PSHE, we will be learning about diversity, safety with medicines and other drugs as well as completing a unit of work on SRE. In Computing we will be learning about how to edit audio, before learning how to create our own animated short films. In PE, the children will be learning about the principles of rotation in gymnastics as well as creating their own Haka inspired dances. For our outdoor sessions, we shall be learning some of the skills associated with net games and games involving a ball on the ground. In Art, we will be learning about collage techniques in the style of Matisse. In addition, we will also be having fortnightly Forest School Sessions on Tuesday mornings, starting on Tuesday 11th January. 

More information can be found by accessing the Curriculum Captures on the school website.