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Year 4

Our history this term will be Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Scots. We will be carrying out an in-depth study of this civilisation including looking at their achievements and the influence they have had on modern Britain. This will also include a geographical study of modern Europe.  

In science we will be studying ‘Electricity’.  We will be finding out about electrical safety and how circuits work.  Later this term, we will be exploring ‘States of Matter’ covering solids, liquids and gases. 

In RE, we will be learning about why Christians go on pilgrimages and answering the question, ‘What kind of world did Jesus want?’.

In PSHE, we will be encouraging the children to develop their Growth Mindset as well as helping them to settle back into life at school.  We will also be covering the topic: Beginning and Belonging.

We will be using ICT to write for different audiences before learning how to code later in the term. 

Music will be learning Viking song and later the children will be introduced to the Ukulele.

This term, PE will be mainly outside and will cover team games and orienteering.  (Please ensure PE kits remain in school at all times)

Art will be ‘mark making’ inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh.

Both Whales and Seals will be visiting the library each week and the forest area once a fortnight.