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Year 3

Exciting things the children will be learning in the Springterm...Our history topic this term is the changes to Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. There willbe a focus on how settlements began and changed andwe will look at how farmingwas introduced to Britain. Our topic will also include a geographical study of the UK, focussing on the topography of Scotland as we will be learning about the importance of the Stone Age site of Skara Brae.In science we will be looking at animals including humans and plants.In RE, we will be learning about what it is like to follow God and why prayer is important to Muslims and not for some people.In PSHE, we will be covering the topics of Working Together, Financial Capability and Healthy Lifestyles.In computingwe will looking atspreadsheets then moving on toe-safety when using emails. In art we will look at an artist study of Sir Anish Kapoor and practise our own sculpting skills. We will also be combining our historical knowledge of the Beaker People with the art skills of modelling clay to create our own Beaker pots. Our DT focus is on textiles where we will be designing and making a smaller scale Bronze style tunic. In music, we will be learning about composition of body percussion. Our Frenchtopics will cover Les Animaux and Les Instruments.