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Year 3

 Exciting things the children will be learning in the summer term…

The history topic, during the first half of the summer term, will be Romans.  Children will be studying the impact the Romans had on Britain. This will include exploring who the Romans were, why they came to Britain, and the positive impact they had on our lifestyle today. In science, we will be focusing on the school’s environmental theme. The children will be covering the topic, Animals Including Humans.  The focus of this topic will be the environmental effects that humans have on the world and how this is affecting the animals within it. In DT the children will be focusing on the school’s healthy lifestyles theme.   In DT, the children will be designing, preparing, and cooking a healthy pizza. They will be learning about what makes a healthy diet and looking at the different food groups and how they support a healthy body.  In PSHE, they will be learning about Digital Lifestyles.  In RE, the children will be covering the topic, What is the Trinity? Which will be supported by a trip to St John’s Church.

In geography, during the second half of term, the children will be learning about the physical landscape of Italy. They will be focusing on how volcanos are formed and what causes an earthquake.  They will be exploring the impact the eruption of Mount Vesuvius had on the Roman town of Pompeii. In art, they will study the artist Katsushika Hokusai, practising their own printing skills and trying to imitate Hokusai’s work on Mount Fuji and the Great Wave off Kanagawa. Swimming will be an exciting addition to our PE timetable, and we will also be learning about athletic sports throughout this term. 

In science, the children will be learning about the topic Light.  They will be looking at the different sources of light, how light behaves, how it is reflected and how shadows are formed. In computing they will looking at branching databases and graphing. In RE, the children will be looking at the topic ‘Is it Fair?’ They will be thinking about fairness in a global context and making links between Jesus’ teachings and the way Christians live today. In music, they will be listening to and creating music based on the themes, Northern Lights and The Romans. 

Forest School will be alternate weeks starting from Tuesday 16th April.

More information about our curriculum

More information about the curriculum content can be found in our ‘Curriculum Captures’ (click here) on the school website. These are useful for parents to see the content of what is being taught and to use this information to help support your child at home.