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Year 2


Our topic for the whole term is Down on the Farm. In this topic we will explore what happens on a farm and how farming has changed over time. We will look at the different jobs on a farm, types of machinery and what it is like working in the fields. In DT, we will use different farm produce to create our own vegetable soup, exploring different tastes and textures of produce before using this to help us design a delicious soup. In Art, we will look at artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo who liked to work with fruits and vegetables, we will explore different sketching techniques of fruits and vegetables before creating our own self- portraits in the style of his work. In music, we will go ‘down on the farm’ and explore music and songs about farms.   

In Science, we will explore the seasons. We will begin with Autumn and explore different signs of Autumn including what the weather is like, what clothes we wear and what changes happen with animals. In Geography, we will use the school grounds to explore our mapping skills. We will learn the compass points and use these to help us map a route around the school. In RE, we will explore Christianity under the question ‘Who am I?’ as we discover parts of the Christian faith, exploring creation and who made the world. In Computing, we will learn about internet safety and in PSHE we will learn more about having a Growth Mindset and about rights, rules, and responsibilities.  

More information about our curriculum 

More information about the curriculum content can be found in our ‘Curriculum Captures’ (click here) on the school website. These are useful for parents to see the content of what is being taught and to use this information to help support your child at home