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Year 2


We are looking forward to kicking off the Autumn term with our new topic ‘House and Homes’.  We will begin by exploring the different types of houses and homes people live in, and investigate the type of homes we have in Waterbeach. We will then explore how houses have changed and compare them to houses built in the past. In Science, we will look at a range of different materials, investigate the suitability of these when building houses and begin to think about what effect they may have on the environment. In Art, we will look at some famous sculptures using recycled materials and take inspiration from these to help us to create our own ‘home’ sculpture using recycled materials. In PE, we will learn to create short gymnastic sequences that combine a number of clear positions of stillness (balances) with linking actions in between. In Computing, we will develop our knowledge of Internet Safety. We will discuss the information that is important to us and explore who we can trust with this information. We will then spend time looking at what actions we can take to keep ourselves safe on the internet and who we can talk to if there is anything we are unsure about.