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Year 2


We have lots of brilliant learning to come in the spring term with our new topic ‘Into the Woods and Along the Coast’. This topic will continue throughout the entirety of the spring term, focussing in the first half of the term on ‘Into the Woods…’ and in the second half of the term on ‘…and Along the Coast’.

Into the Woods...

In Science, we will be learning about living things and their habitats before moving on to learn about animals including humans. We shall begin by learning what a habitat and what a micro habitat is. We will investigate our local environment and the animals that live there, as well as looking at habitats around the world and why these habitats are suitable for animals to survive. We shall then go on to learn about animal lifecycles and food chains. In Design Technology, we will be working with textiles and developing our sewing skills. First, we will discover what makes a toy appealing before designing, making and evaluating our own sewn toy. In PE, we shall be linking and repeating different movements to create our own minibeast dances. In Music, we shall be listening to, playing and creating our own music on the theme of minibeasts as well as learning songs for our Year 2 performance.

...and Along the Coast.

In History, we will be learning all about Grace Darling, a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, and her heroic actions saving mutliple lives at sea. In Geography, we will be learning about the four capital cities of the UK and learning about their physical and human features. In Art, we will be learning about George Seurat and the art technique: pointillism. We will use his style to create our own piece of art. In Computing, we will be using Purple Mash to create our own music compositions. In PE, we will practise and develop our ball skills including co-ordination when dribbling and passing and we will perform ball, tall and wall movements in our gymnastics sessions.