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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

Summary Statement For Pupils Spiritual,  Moral, Social and Cultural Development

  • RE curriculum and resources ensure that the children have knowledge and understanding about religions, beliefs and moral codes. Members of local churches and groups regularly attend or take school assemblies. This increases the children's understanding of and participation in aspects of the local religious community.
  • Collective worship is a combination of religious led assemblies and information or moral based assemblies held every day. Theschool ensures that the children are given reflection time and the opportunity to learn about current issues through assemblies.
  • The school has recently introduced four teams. All staff andchildrenbelong to one oftheseteams. The teams are the same as those in the local secondary school and so the children could remain in their team for the whole of their primary and secondary career. This gives the a real sense of belonging.  
  • The whole school earns team points as an ongoing reward system. This as led to a heightened sense of collaboration.  There are collapsed curriculum days when the children have activies in team based groups allowing them to work together, regardless of age. These days are always a great success.
  • Year 6 pupils also have a chance to join a lunch time Christian Union club to learn more about the Christian religion. This is led by a member of the local community.
  • The School behaviour policy gives the children clear definition of what is right and what is wrong with regard to their behaviour. It is important in our school that the children’s positive behaviour is seen to be more significant than the less desired behaviour.
  • School uses a scheme of work that embeds social, emotional aspects of learning. It is written by the Local Authority and ensures consistency and continuity.
  • Children are encouraged to reflect upon their behaviour and think about ways of improving as one of our behaviour sanctions. This has also created the opportunity for effective time to talk.
  • The local secondary school Cottenham Village College has a new intake week every summer term, where the year six children visit the school for the whole week to undertake lessons in the format they will experience when they move to the school.
  • School council convenes every other week and is a group of children democratically voted to be the voice for the children in the school. The council generally has a major project each year. The children have had significant impact on the development of key areas within the school.
  • The school council has also supported the development of the SHINE project. This is a year 6 based scheme which rewards different pastoral achievements. They can work to achieve the bronze award. At Cottenham Village College they will then be able to work for ther silver award.
  • Work focusing on Talk for Learning and Blooms taxonomy has encouraged the children to think about what others have to say, how we should ask questions and how to work together effectively in a group. This is all good training for living in a democratic society.
  • Children are encouraged to take part in performances in each year group during their time at this school. As the school has a fully equipped stage they become very familiar and confident with performing to large audiences.
  • School is linked to the local sporting partnership and undertakes a number in intra competitions within school. This has given the children a chance to compete against their peers in a variety of sports. School also takes part in multiples activities at the local secondary schools. This ensures that children are regularly experiencing competition and the issues that arise as a result of winning and losing.
  • Children regularly work to raise money for people who are less fortunate. They have a good undrstanding about the needs of others throughoutthe world as a result.
  • The school has also been awarded the green flag as a result of its extensive work on sustainability and management of the resources.