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Mathletics (for all years)

What is Mathletics?

Mathletics is a targeted, rewarding and captivating online learning resource, which is aligned to curriculum standards. Your child has take-home access to Mathletics – they simply sign in with their school username and password using any compatible computer, tablet or mobile device.

The extra Mathletics practice at home can make all the difference to your child’s progress. Encourage them to achieve a weekly target of 1000 points to earn a certificate, building through bronze, silver and gold across the school year. Go for gold!

How do I access Mathletics?

If you would like to login in as a parent, you can do so here:

Mathletics Overview

When a child first logs in they will be asked to make a profile. Once complete, unless they have set homework tasks, they will be taken to the main page. On the right hand side of the screen there are the different areas:

Live Mathletics: Quick fire multiplication versus computer, members of class, members of school or the world. 
Activities: National Curriculum based activities. 
Problem Solving: The Problem Solving activities are a wide range of activities that present mathematical-based problems in a real-life context. In this area, your child can use the range of number skills they have developed to solve a range of problems in an exciting game-based environment.
Concept Search: Two maths dictionaries so children and parents alike can look up terms they may have forgotten!
Rainforest Maths: Rainforest Maths is a separate area within Mathletics. These activities are designed for students up to year 6 and have a great rainforest theme.
Timestables Toons: Meet Max the Cat and his band in the Times Tables Tunes. They have created 11 great music videos to help you master multiplication. From the Disco Strut to the Jungle Boogie, these songs are a great way to learn times tables!

The Activity area is, in our view, the place where the most focused learning takes place. Mathletics knows which year group your child is in and will provide core exercises on all topics pitched at that age group. Your child is free to choose from these exercises. The level of challenge for the year group is said to be ‘core’ and it is possible, for most topics, to select ‘something easier’ or ‘something harder’ which would be the level of the year below and above respectively. As your child completes these exercises the marks are recorded. The aim for each is to get a perfect score. If a child receives a red, they will probably need additional instruction from you or a teacher, although there are video tutorials your child can access by pressing the question mark in the blue circle. They can complete the activity multiple times.

Points are awarded in each activity which are added for the daily and weekly totals. Using these points, weekly certificates earned.

1000 points in a week = Bronze certificate

5 Bronze certificates = Silver certificate

4 Silver certificates = Gold certificate (A maximum of one certificate in a week. Point totals reset Sunday night)

Additional advice can be found in these guides