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Home Learning

Spring Home Learning

Our topic is about the Mayans, in which the children will take on the role of intrepid explorers discovering more about this fascinating period of history. Some of the areas we will cover include:

  • Some key historical dates and details of the Maya civilisation
  • A geographical study of the Americas, exploring their varied environmental regions
  • Some key inventions and aspects of modern life that can be tracked back to the Mayans, most notably: chocolate!
  • How the Mayan people lived and farmed, as well as their culture, religion and art


This term we are going to continue with our ‘Teach for Two Minutes’ style of home learning.  Research has shown that children have a more secure understanding and retention of learning if they teach what they have learned to someone else.  With this in mind, we have decided to ask the children to research an area of our topic and prepare a lesson to be presented to the class. As we are aware this kind of project can take some time to prepare,  the children will not be expected to present more than once per half-term.

The children can be as inventive as they like as to how they deliver their lesson, it could be an ICT presentation, picture, song, play, quiz, game, poster or piece of written work amongst other things. The children should think about how they like to learn and be taught.

The children can explore any aspect of the topic they would like to research and present to the class – the whole idea is that they find something that particularly interests them. The list below are simply suggestions.


The Maya Civilisation:

What are the key dates and events of this period?

When did the Spanish invade and what happened to the Mayans?

What famous ruins and remains have been discovered?

Mayan writing:

What are the Mayan glyphs for some key words or your favourite animals?

Can you write a story or a poem using just Mayan glyphs?

Try this online dictionary:

South American geography:

What animals are unique to the region and how do they live?

What are the countries of South America and what are their capitals?

What range of climates and landscapes can be found in this continent?

Daily Life:

What was life like for Mayan people?

How might Mayan people have lived differently to my life now?



Enjoy! From the Year 5/6 Team