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End of KS Results

Results for academic year 2021-2022


64% of children achieved a Good Level of Development. This is the expected level of ability for children at the end of Reception. (National - TBC)

Year 1

68% of children were working at the required standard in phonics. (National - TBC)

End of Key Stage 1 Year 2

Notes to help you -

ARE - Age related expectations. This is the level that the national curriculum expects each child to achieve for their age.

LA - Local Authority - Cambridgeshire

  School % Working at ARE LA National
Maths 73% 68% TBC
Writing 67% 57% TBC
Reading 72% 67% TBC

Key Stage 2 Results - Year 6

GD -  - Greater Depth

  School % achieved or Exceeded ARE  National % ARE School Scaled score National scaled score
Writing TA 75%(21% GD) 69% NA NA
Reading 89% (36% GD) 74% TBC TBC
Maths 80%(30%GD) 71% TBC TBC

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling



The school's combined score for children reaching the age related expectation in all core subjects (reading, writing and maths)  is 67%. The national figure is 59%.

DfE Performance Tables