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ADHD and attention difficulties

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting around 5% of children. All children have periods of inattention and restlessness, but when these symptoms have been present throughout development and are having a negative impact on quality of life or progress at school, then it may be time to consider whether your child has ADHD. Children with this condition may be seen as fidgety, workshy, inattentive, disruptive and have low self-esteem. A child with ADHD will experience the world in the same way as a neurotypical child but has regulation problems, failing to pay attention to detail, sustaining attention, is easily distracted/impulsive and may forget things needed to complete a task.

At Waterbeach, our staff are experienced in managing children with ADHD. We are aware that some children need movement breaks built into their day, a quiet corner to work on a task, regular prompting or task breakdowns. Children with suspected or diagnosed ADHD may sometimes be seated towards the front of the room to reduce distractions, or may choose to work at one of our standing desks.

Parenting children with ADHD can be challenging and draining. Support groups exist in our county, organised by ‘Pinpoint’ who arrange frequent ADHD-specific workshops and seminars for parents of children with or without a diagnosis.

NHS Info on ADHD 

Pinpoint events can be found  here.

Additude, an ADHD magazine with associated website: