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Dear Parents and Carers, 




Thank you for your patience. We are still in the process of planning what is going to happen with the school, but we have managed to create a temporary "fix"that will allow the children to come back to school tomorrow


The classrooms for years 1 to 6 now have heating, but we only have temporary heaters for the Foundation stage classes. The Reception classrooms will be "warm" rather than "toasty", soReception children should wear warm clothes please. The offices and gym are still without heat. 


We do not have use of the extractor fan/ heat in the kitchen and so cannot cook hot meals. Our kitchen staff have said that they will provide sandwiches if ordered (obviously if you usually have free school meals these will be provided - your child just has to make his/ her choice).  Please provide your child with a packed lunch if they do not wish to have a school sandwich. THIS WILL BE FOR THE REST OF THIS WEEK.


Further work needs to be done to replace piping in the next two weeks and this may possibly cause some disruption but for now I am hoping that we will be able to function as near to normal as possible for the rest of the week. 


Once again I apologise for the disruption that I know this has caused. It has been beyond our control but the workmen involved have been great and worked hard to get the school sorted. My thanks go especially to Mr Gilzean who has been "on the spot" and has managed this "crisis" beyond his normal working hours. What a star!


Miss Green