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Day 10.....Moffat to Kinross

This was an eighty one mile day. Setting off this morning was hard and I did not feel very good at all. Sometimes it is really hard to motivate yourself when you are doing something that is really challenging. I felt quite miserable... missing home and very tired. So I talked to people and got so much support from the people I am cycling with and the school staff!! I took out the messages that you all wrote to me! It made such a difference and by the end of the day I felt so Much better!! Always good to talk about things! 

I also ended up on the floor putting my chain back on after a terrible gear change! My poor bike is getting such abuse! 😊😊

We went through Edinburgh today... a wonderful, bustling city. We found Grey Friars Bobby.... the statue is quite small. Can you find out about his story? 
Then we pedalled onto the Forth Road Bridge!!! Fantastic!!!! What a day!  It ended sO much better than it started!!! 


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