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Year 5 & 6 Home Learning

Autumn Home Learning                  Name:

Our topic is about Ancient Egypt, and this will cover:

  • Some of the history of Ancient Egypt including famous Pharaoh’s and daily lifestyle.
  • The physical and human geography of Egypt.
  • The science of forces through the study of Ancient Egyptian architecture and inventions.

This term we are going to continue with our ‘Teach for Two Minutes’ style of home learning.  Research has shown that children have a more secure understanding and retention of learning if they teach what they have learned to someone else.  With this in mind, we have decided to ask the children to research an area of our topic and prepare a lesson to be presented to the class. As we are aware this kind of project can take some time to prepare,  the children will not be expected to present more than once per half-term.

The children can be as inventive as they like as to how they deliver their lesson, it could be an ICT presentation, picture, song, play, quiz, game, poster or piece of written work amongst other things. The children should think about how they like to learn and be taught.

During our topic ‘knowledge harvest’, the children came up with lots of questions and things they wanted to find out about. Below is a selection of some of their questions for ideas however the children can explore any aspect of Ancient Egypt they would like to research and present to the class.


Who built the first pyramid and when?

Why were pyramids built?

How long did they take to build? How large are they?


How did the Egyptians mummify their dead and why?

What was a sarcophagus made of and how were they made?

What were the Egyptians beliefs about death?

Daily life:

What was life like in Egyptian times?

What were the different roles and jobs for people in Egyptian times?


Who were the Gods and Goddesses and what did they do?

Why did they have different Gods?




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