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Rocking Romans

Y3 Performance of 'Rocking Romans'


To complement our Topic work on the Romans, Year 3 put on several star studded performances of 'Rocking Romans' last week. Our audiences were all amazed at just how much they learned about life in Britain and Rome during Roman times, all told through songs, narration, and comical sketches. Did you know that the ancient Britons lived in tribes, and that two of the largest were the Iceni and the Trinovantes? Or that the Emperor Claudius rode into Camulodunum (now Colchester) on an elephant? The Romans fought as tortoises but successful Britons could take home some unusual battle trophies! Wonderful costumes, fantastic props, enthusiastic acting, vibrant singing and a big dash of history all came together to create a truly memorable production. And in the words of the show, 'Everywhere we look there are signs of the debt we owe to the Rocking Romans!'