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End Of Year Swimming 17-18

Celebrating our swimming success here at Waterbeach


Swimming and water safety has been a statutory element of the national curriculum for physical education (PE) programme of study since 1994. However, annual research by the national governing body for swimming, Swim England shows that since 2012 only half (50%) of children aged between seven and 11-years-old have met the required swimming standard of swimming competently and proficiently over a distance of 25m unaided and entering and exiting the water safely.


Here at Waterbeach we are incredibly lucky that we are able to use the school pool to build water confidence and swimming skills for all our children, starting for those in Reception rather than waiting until the statutory requirement age of 7.  This has led to us achieving an outstanding 92% of year 6 pupils achieving the required Ofsted standard for schools swimming before they leave to go to secondary school, which is an amazing success and represents why it is so important for children to start swimming as early as possible and how beneficial our swimming lessons are here.


In reception nearly all of the children are now so confident that they are no longer need armbands for their lesson which is great.   We have also run an additional swimming University for 13 of the Year 6 pupils to build on their swimming strokes, stamina and confidence and were able to take them to Impington Village College swimming pool to allow them to practice in a 25 metre pool and experience deeper water, all of the children were fantastic.