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Autumn Term Home Learning

Autumn Home Learning Challenges                


Our ‘May The Force Be With You’ topic will have a science focus and this will be the basis for the work in English and Topic.  This term the children will be studying ‘Earth and Space’, this will cover the movement of the Earth and other planets relative to the sun in the solar system and researching the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth.  They will also be studying ‘Light’, this will cover how we see objects and how shadows are formed. Another focus will be ‘Electricity’, covering electrical circuits, using bulbs, buzzers and on/off switches, and ‘Forces and Magnets’ which will cover the use of levers, pulleys and gears.


We would like you to pick a weekly challenge from the list below. You can bring it in as an ICT presentation, picture, poster or piece of written work to be celebrated in class. Tick the box when you complete the task.


Research a planet


Write a space poem


Write a diary about a day in the life of an astronaut 


Find out about Tim Peake’s expedition


Create a brochure about visiting different planets – can you sell the benefits of living on Mars or Saturn?


Write a space story


Bake ‘space cookies’ – how inventive can you be?


Research the moon – why does it look different each night?


An alien has landed in Waterbeach. Write a newspaper article about this event


Spend an evening star gazing with your family – tell the class what you could see


Design something using levers and pulleys


Research Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Annie Cannon or Annie Easley


Explain to the class the effects of air resistance, water resistance or friction


Can you make an electrical circuit and explain how it works?


Create a quiz for the class to solve on electrical symbols


Make a diorama of an alien planet


Visit the Cambridge Science Centre and report back to class


My own choice


My own choice


My own choice



Home Learning to be returned by Wednesday each week. Enjoy!